The Skimmie® Skimmer Net


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Product Overview

The Skimmie is 4'7" long from hook to net.

The Skimmie skimmer net is a unique design so you never have to bend down or reach your hand in the unknown water again.  The hook can Lift the skimmer lid and Remove the skimmer basket.  Use the skimmer net to remove any remaining debris from the skimmer to avoid the debris from entering into your filtration system and potentially causing damage or debris build up.

*skimmer basket not included

TWO universal skimmer basket handles included.  The handle is 3" wide 6" high and will attach to most skimmer baskets.  Simply secure the handle by screwing the two screws through the skimmer basket and into the handle.  You now have a secure center point of gravity to remove the skimmer basket and debris.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review