Chlorine Tab NST® Prime CalHypo Poolife® - 20.2lb (PICK UP ONLY!)


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Product Overview

A sanitizer that lasts for days! With its unique octagon shape, these extended release tablets use a proprietary slow-dissolving Cal Hypo technology. What’s more, it does all this without adding any Cyanuric Acid (CYA) to your pool water.

• Step 1 of the NST® System

• For use in skimmers and with the Poolife® NST® Prime Feeder. Follow Poolife® NST® Feeder operating manual for specific tablet use.

• Skimmer basket must be free of all other water treatment products before adding tablet(s).

• Place the tablet(s) in the empty skimmer basket. Replace with a new tablet as needed.

• For optimum product performance, swimmer comfort and crystal clear water, always maintain pH from 7.2 – 7.6, total alkalinity from 60-120 ppm, calcium hardness above 200 ppm and free available chlorine residual between 1-4 ppm.

• Best used with Poolife® NST® Purify Oxidizer and Poolife® NST® Patrol Algaecide.

• Compatible with chlorine, salt chlorine generators, ozone and mineral systems.

Active ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review